• PREVENTION! The Real Time Risk Prevention System, also called ATLAS, processes simultaneity information such as the Adriatic vulnerable areas, the dangerous vessels risky score, the oceanographic model to predict oil spill dynamic and the first costal zones / marine areas affected in case of hazard. Once ready, the ATLAS will become anadditional facility for the emergency corps, civil protection and coastguards to get prepared and minimize pollution in case of oil spill. Being an unique system covering the whole Adriatic, it helps understanding where the oil spill goes in case of hazard and thus accelerate the single, interregional or cross-border procedures to limit the pollution.


  • REACTION! In the unlucky event of oil spill or dispersion of toxic material in the Adriatic, it is crucial to improve and shorten the deployment time of the cross-border reaction capacity to protect the Adriatic shorelines. The simulations organized in HAZADR project have the purpose to test the Real Time Risk Prevention System and the readiness intervention systems of all actors involved in the emergency chain. The exercises will deliver good practices and concrete inputs to face potential environmental challenges in the next years.


  • EDUCATION! Upon the project completion, there will be a continuation of activities related to enhancing the preparedness and response capacities for response mechanisms at sea, both at cross-border and regional and county levels. The key role will be played by the Research and Training Centre that will continue its operation even after the finalization of the project. On the whole, the acquired knowledge and experiences gained through cross-border cooperation shall be used in the future so as to maintain the high level of preparedness for the future emergency situations at sea.


  • LEGISLATION! Upon the finalization of project activities, the work on the elaboration of regional and county contingency plans continues for those regions and counties where such plans have not yet been elaborated; the implementation of joint cross-border exercises will also carry on. HAZADR provides a good basis for that particular purpose: the guidelines for the elaboration of contingency plans shall serve as a reference for the drafting of contingency plans in the regions and counties where such plans have not been elaborated or adopted.