Local workshops

23-24.09.2015 - Workshop Hazadr at CoastEsonda Expo at Ferrara Exhibition Center

On the 23th-24th September 2015, the leader partner Apulia Region, the partners Emilia Romagna Region and Marche Region organize the second Hazadr local workshop in Ferrara at CoastEsonda Expo at Ferrara Exhibition Center.

CoastEsonda Expo, the event on coastal zone and sea management and protection, hydrogeological instability and endangered territory maintenance, brings together the most competitive companies, universities, research, associations and the main institutions of the sector, including Port Authorities, River Basin Districts, Reclamation Consortia, Regions and ARPA.

The themes of the rich and diversified conference program of the sixth edition range from the coasts enhancement, works, ports, monitoring, Marine Strategy and Offshore to the Floods Directive – common thread between Coast and Esonda –, hydrogeological instability and hydraulic risk, in the light of the increased frequency and intensity of meteorological calamitous events.

CoastEsonda will be crown by the participation of foreign delegations, composed by buyers and key interlocutors interested in starting up business relationships with the exhibitors through exclusive B2B meetings, and the assignment of the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Awards.

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22.09.2015 - Local Workshop in Kotor

The Institute of Marine Biology organized the second local workshop in Kotor on 22th of September 2015 named “The transfer of knowledge gained in professional courses POSOW and IMO - Adriatic Training and Research Centre for Response to Accidental Marine Pollution ATRAC”). The final results of the project HAZADR were presented among the stakeholders. The main part of the workshop was devoted to the presentation of the alumni of two courses organized by the Adriatic Training and Research Centre in Zadar on June 2015 (POSOW model) and in Rijeka on July 2015 (IMO OPRC). The participants of the workshop were the representatives of the public enterprises responsible for the implementation of the National contingency plan, port authorities, educational units, NGOs.

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15-16.06.2015 - Second local workshop carried out in Split-Dalmatia County

After the first local workshop in Split-Dalmatia County on the use and conservation of ocean type of booms that are procured under the project HAZADR, second local workshop on "The sudden oil pollution of the sea" was held on 15th and 16th June. Lectures were given by prof. Damir Zec from the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka, dipl.ing. Matko Basic from the company CIAN and prof. Mladineo from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Split. The two-day training has sparked great interest and was attended by representatives of the Firefighting brigades Kastel Gomilica, NPRD, Brodosplit, Port Authority of Split, CIAN, Coast Guard and many other entities involved in the system of supervision, cleaning or monitoring of sea pollution. As part of the training participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the basics of oil pollution at sea, equipment used in interventions, types and possibilities of the use of dispersants etc. Thus, participants had a brief insight into the course of the IMO OPRC level I that is systematically carried out in the framework of the newly established Adriatic Training and Research Center in Rijeka. At the same time prof. Mladineo demonstrated the Decision Support System for Incidents at the Adriatic Sea. The training was held on the occasion of the national exercise Jadran-15, coordinated by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure in cooperation with the members of the County Operational Center of Split-Dalmatia County, which takes place on June 17.

Druga lokalna radionica održana u Splitsko-dalmatinskoj županiji

Nakon prve lokalne radionice u Splitsko-dalmatinskoj županiji na temu korištenja i očuvanja brana oceanskog tipa koje su nabavljene u okviru projekta HAZADR, 15. i 16. lipnja je održana druga lokalna radionica na temu „Iznenadna uljna onečišćenja mora”. Predavanja su održali prof. Damir Zec s Pomorskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Rijeci, dipl.ing. Matko Bašić iz tvrtke CIAN, te prof. Mladineo s Građevinskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Splitu. Dvodnevni tečaj je izazvao velik interes pa su tako istome nazočili predstavnici DVD Kaštel Gomilica, DUZS-a, Brodosplita, Lučke kapetanije Split, CIAN-a, Obalne straže i mnogi drugi subjekti koji su uključeni u sustav nadzora, saniranja ili pak praćenja onečišćenja na moru. U sklopu tečaja sudionici su imali prilike upoznati se s osnovama uljnih onečišćenja na moru, opremom koja se koristi pri intervencijama, vrstama i mogućnostima upotrebe disperzanata i sl. Sudionici su time dobili kratki uvid u tečaj IMO OPRC I koji se sustavno provodi u okviru novoosnovanog Jadranskog edukativno-istraživačkog centra u Rijeci. Istovremeno je demonstriran sustav podrške odlučivanju kod incidentnih situacija na Jadrankom moru kojeg je predstavio prof. Mladineo. Tečaj je održan uoči vježbe JADRAN-15 koju koordinira Ministarstvo mora, prometa i infrastrukture u suradnji s članovima Županijskog operativnog centra Splitsko-dalmatinske županije a koja se održava 17. lipnja.

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07.05.2015 – First local workshop for locale expert organized by Apulia Region in Brindisi (Italy)

The first local workshop dedicated to local experts and staff involved in oil spill response was organized from Apulia Region, Leader partner of Hazadr project, in Brindisi on 7th of May 2015. The purpose of the workshop was presentation of the project and results achieved within the project with emphasis on work package 4., "Improving the level of equipment and Cross-border response preparedness in case of accidental marine pollution".

Apulia Region presented the project Hazadr, the National Service of Civil Protection and Port Authorities explained different responsabilities of territorial levels and authorities in case of oil spill at sea and along the coasts, CNR-IRSA illustrated the Atlas system to manage oil spill, ARPA Puglia explained its intervention in case of oil spill at sea and along the coasts, Marche Region presented the alert system for the oil spill prevention and the experience exercise Ercole 2014. The participants were primarily introduced and later trained to work with the equipment also purchased within the HAZADR project.

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05.05.2015 – Towards PAM-EX: project workshop in Kotor (Montenegro)

The Institute of Marine Biology organized the first local workshop in Kotor on 5th of May “Promotion of international exercises in cases of oil spills in the sea”. The main project results and future plans were presented among the stakeholders. The participants were introduced with the past two exercises organized in Croatia and Italy, VIREX and ERCOLE. The main part of the workshop was devoted to the promotion of the following cross border exercise PAM-EX, that will be organized in Italy and Albania from 11th to 15th of May 2015. There were presented the scenario and the common monitoring plan. The participants were the representatives of the public enterprises responsible for the implementation of the National contingency plan, port authorities, educational units, NGOs, local and national media representatives. Accordingly, the participants were informed about the forthcoming courses organized by the Adriatic Training and Research Centre according to models POSOW and IMO OPRC level 1 and level 2.

Prof Dr Deda Djelovic, the Director of Sector for development and technology in the Port of Bar, presented the legal framework, plans and capacities of the Port of Bar for the reaction in the case of hazards within the port area.

At the end of the workshop, the short movie made during the exercise ERCOLE in Ancona, Italy, was shown to the participants.

The workshop was estimated by all participants as very informative and useful.

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16.04.2015 – HAZADR in the top ten projects of Montenegro

The University of Montenegro organized an important workshop on the 25.03.2015 which aimed at promoting international projects at the University of Montenegro.

Representatives of the faculties presented their projects in the field of natural, technical, medical and social sciences, presenting the objectives and results of the projects as well as experiences and challenges implemented under the different programs offered by the European Union, such as IPA, Tempus, FP7 and others. HAZADR was presented as one of the most important in the field of Adriatic environmental protection.

This is the first in a series of activities that the University intends to implement in order to strengthen cooperation among universities in the field of scientific research and improve joint connecting the University with institutions from the EU. Approximately 160 projects are currently being implemented at the University, which is the biggest user of national and European scientific research funds in Montenegro.

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10.03.2015 – Local workshop in Rijeka (County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar)

County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar organized a national local workshop in Rijeka at 10th march 2015 to present ATRAC - Adriatic Training and Research Centre for Accidental Marine Pollution at sea. County prefect Mr. Zlatko Komadina explained the importance of establishing the regional canters of expertise which can provide training and expert advice on all matters related to preparedness for, response to and cooperation in case of marine pollution at sea. The Centre is conceived as an organization (legal entity) which will act in the area of all Adriatic states in the field of preparedness and response of the institutions and interest groups involved in national or regional mechanisms of intervention at sea.

The director of ATRAC through a power point presentation pointed out the vision, goals, activities, content of educational activities and other key settings of the working scope of the Centre.

Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure supports the establishment of the Centre. The radical changes of Contingency plan to accidental Marine Pollution at sea in Croatia will be launched at the end of 2015 in which the system of training of participants at all levels will be a priority, and the Center should be developed as an institution of regional and inter-state importance. Involvement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Fund in Centre activities. The legal basis for the support of Centre is the Agreement on partnership and support for Adriatic Training and Research Centre for response to accidental marine pollution which is opened to all interested parties.


24.02.2015 – First local workshop in Split (Dalmatia County)

Firefighters from Kastela equipped for interventions in case of accidental marine pollution
On Tuesday 24th of February, prefect of Split-Dalmatia County Mr. Zlatko Zevrnja handed over to Firefighting brigade Kastel Gomilica specialised equipment for interventions in case of accidental marine pollution.
Split-Dalmatia County as one of the partners of the project HAZADR - Strengthening common reaction capacity to fight sea pollution of oil, toxic and hazardous substances in Adriatic Sea, through which equipment for interventions in case of accidental marine pollution was procured.
The total project value is roughly 3 million Euros, while Split-Dalmatia County is awarded with some 2 hundred thousands Euros of grant value.

- The Adriatic Sea is full of waterways where tankers sail northward, meaning the potential risk of accidents and pollution of the sea is present. Firefighters are operational forces that are ready to intervene 24 hours. They are ready and trained for interventions in case of environmental protection issues, and in addition to people they need appropriate equipment - said prefect Zevrnja.
Mayor of City of Kastela, Ivan Udovicic, thanked the county for giving confidence to Firefighting brigade Kastel Gomilica while chief fire commander Milivoj Taslak said:

- A total of three hundred meters of protective floating oil booms used to prevent spread of dangerous substances such as hydrocarbons in the sea were delivered. The boom is the oceanic type, meaning it can be used on the high seas. Its' hight is one meter and 10 cm, made of materials resistant to the damaging effects of UV radiation, salt water and chemicals. In addition to the boom, the reel which is used for its storage and equipment for towing booms was delivered to Firefighting brigade Kastel Gomilica as well as two sets of emergency repair kit in case of damage to the oil boom.

It is important to emphasize that in addition to the Split-Dalmatia County beneficiary of EU funds is the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in Split so that a total of five hundred thousands Euros was withdraw for improving interventions in the area of ​​our county. Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries has acquired two HF radar systems that were set up in Stoncica on the island of Vis and in Rogac on the island of Brac that monitor sea currents and waves on the sea between the two islands.

- Readiness to intervene in case of accidental pollution of the Adriatic Sea is of strategic importance for our county that lives from and takes care about the sea that makes 68% of our county territory and 30% of Croatian sea surface - said Jelena Kurtović, project HAZADR associate.  

Two-days workshop program (English)

Two-days workshop program (Croatian)

Presentations from the two-days workshop (Croatian)

Press release (Croatian)

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February 2015 - Zadar County’s first workshop for the stakeholders

Oil spill response equipment, purchased by Zadar County through the project HAZADR has arrived to Zadar on 19th February 2015.

The new equipment will be used by specialized company Ciklon Ltd. authorized for the implementation of the Zadar County’s Contingency Plan as well as the National Contingency Plan and international agreements. Oil spill response equipment was successfully tested and put into operation under the supervision of qualified person - representative of manufacturers - company Vikoma International Ltd. from the United Kingdom, the world's leading manufacturer of this type of equipment. Testing and training for the future users were held on 24th and 25th February 2015 in Zadar.

Specialized equipment - skimmer with oil recovery capacity of 30m3/h for a wide range of oils, skimmer for shallow waters and 500 meters of oil containment booms will improve the operational instruments of Zadar County’s response teams to cope with the environmental and technological hazards.

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14-15.01.2015 - Region of Istria organised second workshop for the local experts in Pula

Second workshop for local experts was organised by Region of Istria on 14th and 15th of January 2015 in Pula. Participants of the workshop were members and deputies of Regional Operational Center of Region of Istria, representatives of five regional port authorities and employees of private company Dezinsekcija d.o.o.

Besides presentation of the project implemented activities and achieved results, main goal of the workshop was performing two day course and „table top“ exercise in order to raise reaction capacities in cases of eventual oil spill accidents. The content of the course was based on OPRC convention and was in accordance with methodology developed by UN Agency IMO (International Maritime Organisation).

“Table top” exercise was organised in the way that participants were divided into 2 groups. Both groups received same information about collision of two ships and approximately 50 – 100 tons of oil being spilled near east coast of Istrian peninsula. Both groups simulated reactions, required some additional information and received in real time and kept minutes about their activities. By the end representatives of both groups presented their activities and discussion after presentations identified some mistakes and omissions. Detailed report about “table top” exercise will be created and together with all material provided to all participants of the workshop.


29-30.07.2014 - Region of Istria organised first workshop for the local experts

Submitted by ISTRA on Thu, 07/31/2014 - 13:00   Type: news

First local workshop dedicated to local experts and staff involved in oil spill response was organised in Port of Pula on 29th and 30th of July 2014. The purpose of the workshop was presentation of the project and results achieved within the project with emphasis on work package 4., "Improving the level of equipment and Cross-border response preparedness in case of accidental marine pollution". Besides the mentioned presentations, participants were primarily introduced and later trained to work with the equipment also conducted within the HAZADR project. During first day of the workshop, presentations and theoretic part of the training was held and second day was used for practical training.

After two days of workshop, more than 20 people were trained to use hydraulic reel with 300 meters of inflatable containment booms, manual air inflator, multifunctional (brushes and discs) skimmer device, hydraulic pump for transferring collected oil and other parts of procured equipment.


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20.09.2013 – First Italian workshop organized in Ferrara (Italy)

Type: local workshop

COAST EXPO is the most specialized event in Italy dedicated to coastal zone management and protection. In its 2013 fourth edition, it represents a meeting point and a forum for public administrations, research institutions, universities, engineering companies and consultants, professionals, organizations, operators, at national and international level. Under the coordination of Emilia-Romagna region, a special session for HAZADR has been organized during the exposition on 20th September 2013. The main purpose of this workshop was to share the project’s objectives together with the local administrative authorities and the regional and national maritime authorities. During the meeting some partners of another IPA project (SHAPE) got in contact with HAZADR and decided to share and develop common tools. Around 20 participants from local maritime authorities showed high interest in the reaction procedures that will be developed, while some administrative authorities appreciated that that HAZADR will collect maritime inputs e useful for the national Marine Directive.

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